Exercise Equipment Cloud Module

We welcome to cooperate with major weight training sports equipment manufacturers to integrate the cloud-based electronic control module of Gordon Smart Technology into your sports equipment, including the "Weight Plates Cloud System" suitable for weight training equipment System", and the "Hydraulic Cloud System" suitable for the hydraulic cylinder weight training system. We can cloudify and intelligentize traditional sports equipment, which can greatly increase the overall value.

The "Weight Plates Cloud System" can automatically detect the weight of the counterweight iron that the user is using, which can be displayed on the panel immediately, and the trajectory of the user's overall movement can also be displayed on the panel. The trajectory, number of groups, The number of times and so on are uploaded to the cloud.

The "Hydraulic Cloud System" allows users to control the resistance of each stage of the hydraulic cylinder from the panel. The user's exercise frequency, exercise resistance, exercise speed, and real-time heartbeat (with our heart rate bracelet) can be uploaded to the cloud. If the "hydraulic cylinder cloud system" is connected to our large database, the user's real-time results can be displayed on the panel (compared with the median of the same age and gender). If the cloud system is connected to our "AI COACH", the exercise program can be implemented on the machine remotely.
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