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Our value proposition: You do the health promotion service, we do the rest.
As a solution provider of health promotion industry, we help you serve your customers more intelligently.
Highly AI integration of smart exercise machines, smart health kiosk and smart medical devices.

Company Introduction

Golden Smart Home Technology (GSH) founded in 2012 is located at Hsin-chu Science Park. GSH focuses on health promotion platform called WowGoHealth, providing B2B solutions with 2 AI robots, 3 smart devices, 4 cloud modules. GSH considers itself as the professional ODM design house for health promotion industry.

GSH's smart devices include smart medical devices, smart exercise machines, smart health kiosk, where these 3 products are seamlessly connected by AI365 (auto advice response robot) and AI Coach (personal training course suggestion robot). GSH's smart medical devices are Bluetooth blood pressure monitors, Bluetooth forehead and ear thermometers, Bluetooth body fat scales, Bluetooth blood glucose meter, Bluetooth one-lead HRV analyzer, and Bluetooth wristband. Most of them are certified by FDA, TFDA, and CFDA. GSH’s smart health Kiosk is composed of several medical devices to provide public health service. GSH's smart exercise machine is called RINGOAL which includes 8 different type of dual-hydraulic machines. With the support of GSH's experts such as rehabilitation doctor, psychiatrist, sport science professor, our RINGOAL now can provide weight loss program, muscle gaining program and sleep disorder program. GSH's factory in Taiwan is fully certified by ISO13485:2016 and QMS for medical device manufacturing. In addition, GSH provides cloud-based medical device ODM services to its customers.

Currently, GSH's WowGoHealth platform has been widely deployed to weight control centers, clinics, day-care center, health examination center, gym and corporates for employee healthcare, etc. in Taiwan, Mainland China, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc.


.2023 Interactive Heart Rate Variability Analysis Parameter Model And Index Generation System
.2023 Early Warning System For Autonomic Dysfunction
.2022 Programmable Intelligent Motion Teaching Methods and System Thereof
.2022 Portable Hold Type Physiological Characteristic Measuring Deivce
.2022 Exercise Training System
.2020 Artificial Intelligence Body Function Work Out System
.2019 Sitting type body fat system
.2018 Cloud physiological data collection system
.2018 Image physiological display system
.2018 Portable electrocardiogram measurment system
.2017 Portable physiological index device
.2017 Indoor Positioning System and Indoor Positioning Methods
.2016 Indoor positioning system
.2015 Pairing key for cloud system (Pairing public key cloud system)
.2015 Methods for providing remote service with embedded devices using smart phone
.2014 Cloud social networking service (Cloud community service system)
.2014 Behavior analysis system (Analysis system of behavior)
.2013 Intelligent measurement system
.2013 Biometric information acquisition system


.2023 Certificate of QMS
.2020 Certificate of the 17th National Innovation Award
.2017 Certificate of ISO 13485:2016 by BSI
.2017 Certificate of the 14th National Innovation Award
.2016 Excellent Medical Device Manufacturing Factory by GMP
.2014 Outstanding Business Award by NCTU, Taiwan
.2013 SLLR Subsidy by MOEA,Taiwan
.2013 Taiwan Startup Premium Award by MOEA, Taiwan
.2012 SIIR Subsidy by MOEA, Taiwan
.2012 Outstanding Business Award by NCTU, Taiwan

Business Model

(1) platform ODM (re-logo) service
The whole platform can be re-logo to customer's brand including AI robots, smart devices, cloud modules, etc to enable customer can fast deploy remote health promotion service.
(2) device ODM service
Just simply put your logo on GSH's existing devices or put some unique features is also very welcome.
(3) Smart device SDK
GSH's SDK for all its smart devices includes iOS/Android SDK, sample code, document, and engineer conference call service to make sure GSH's SDK can be seamlessly integrated into customer’s APP.
(4) API connection
GSH's cloud is welcome to deliver data to custoemr's cloud via API connection.
(5) AI365
AI365's advice contents are welcome to be modified by customers to fit their own situation.
(6) AI Coach
AI Coach can collect static data such as blood pressure, weight, etc. from health kiosk and dynamic data such as workout velocity, workout heartrate, etc. from smart exercise machine to come up personal training course. AI Coach is open to customers to edit their own course.

Brand Story

Golden Smart Home Technology (GSH)

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After more than 10 years of work in IC design industry at Hsin-chu Science Park, several senior engineers, backed up by previous supervisors and colleagues, decided to startup this company to have new challenge in 2012. They started dedicating themselves in health promotion industry hoping to utilize their hardware and software design expertise to safeguard the health of the public.

They joke about themselves, they can easily figure out highly complicated IC circuit, but they are not aware of their body conditions. Health check-ups always come back with some warnings. With this awareness, they bravely step into the brand new health promotion industry.


1. One platform
WowGoHealth platform is a B2B solution with 2 AI robots, 3 kind of smart devices, 4 cloud modules.

2. Two AI robots
GSH has 2 AI robots, one is called AI365 which is an auto advice response robot, the other one is called AI Coach which provides personal training course suggestion.

3. Three smart devices
GSH has 3 product lines of smart devices, the first one is smart medical devices with Bluetooth capability, the second one is smart health kiosk providing public service, the third one is smart exercise machine called RINGOAL providing personal training course.

4. Four modules
CRM module, social networking module, online shopping module, Wow-point encourage module are GSH's 4 important cloud modules to help customers to have a completed close-loop service.