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Goldensmarthome Technology corp and Chiayi City Government are jointly promoting senior citizen fitness. On September 13th, they held a "Joyful Active Fitness Silver Muscle Incentive" press conference, encouraging everyone to participate in sports and ea


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Goldensmarthome Technology corp has been collaborating with Chiayi City Government for an extended period, establishing community sports hubs with products like "PERFECT TEN" excercise machine and "HCare Mini Health kiosk" Together, they are creating the nation's first "Elderly Brave City." They took the lead in becoming the first "Age-Friendly Demonstration City" in Taiwan in 2011, anticipating the challenges of an aging society and actively promoting a healthy lifestyle. To make exercise more accessible and enjoyable, they launched the "Joyful Active Fitness Silver Muscle Incentive Sports Point Collection" program, encouraging senior citizens to participate in sports at six different venues and exchange their points for rewards, all while improving their health.

Chiayi City Government's Health Bureau organized the "Joyful Active Fitness Silver Muscle Incentive" press conference on the 13th to encourage senior citizens to engage in regular exercise and strengthen their muscles. Mayor Huang Min-hui personally promoted the event and introduced Chiayi City's sports venues, incentive programs, and the process for redeeming rewards. The campaign encourages people of all ages to exercise together, earn rewards through the "Sports Point Collection" system, and improve their health. The event received enthusiastic support from various parties, including council members, neighborhood leaders, community development associations, care hubs, senior fitness clubs, gyms, "Good Ten Muscles" promotion points, cooperating sports facilities, and sports equipment stores. The event was lively and featured a performance by the Tai Ping Community Development Association, which won the bronze award in the National Health Agency's "2023 Grandparents Dancing Competition – Let's Go." This performance symbolized the health and vitality of the elderly and their active aging spirit.

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