Golden Smart Home Technology Corp.

We are an ICT (Information Communication Technology) service integration company. We provide the self-management health platform including front-end physiological parameter gathering, social networking encouragement and back-end expert consultation. Our technology is composed of front-end smart phone APP which accepts users' physiological parameters from either bluetooth smart devices or manual input, and back-end cloud database where experts such as nutritionist can effectively feedback useful comments to users. We deliver this platform to companies such as fitness center, gymnasium and healthcare center to enable a bland new interactive service.

Bluetooth Devices in Taiwan

A Smart Wristband that measures your daily job and activity. With LS405-B, you can actually experience the excellence and humanization design of the device. Our Smart Wristband can bring you a pleasant and enjoyable life.


Dynamic HR Sport Wristband

Combining with our WowGoHealth App and the OLED screen, this product can detect the users' steps, calories, heart rate, sleep quality, then record to the App immediately. The users can manage their health more efficiently. What's more, the users can upload their body data to our Cloud, and they would be analyzed by our professionals, finally give a personalized health plan back.


Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet 3

The new Heart Rate Monitor Smart Bracelet 3 (GSH420R) can track your activity, distance, calories consumed and heart rate. With Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the device can be connected with our APP. User set alarm, goal steps etc. through the application. Furthermore, user can follow and track the data in the bracelet through the APP.
The LS405-B Smart Wristband has wireless syncing through Bluetooth to automatically sync your data in real time. The auto activity sensors learns to recognize your fitness activities to give more detailed information on improving your style that fits best for use. If you have any questions, want to buy in bulk, or have us give you a quote for Smart Wristband to fit your needs, please email to us.