GSH Prime-Total Solution to Smart Wellness Center
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Smart Wellness Center

GSH Prime-Total Solution

Smart Wellness Center

Agency Partnership Recruited! We provide the total solution to Smart Wellness Center. Collaborated with GSH Prime, you can ride the wave of anti-aging, healthy beauty and fitness in a SMART way.
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As the winner of 14th National Innovation Award of Taiwan, Golden Smart Home Technology Corp. has always harbored the enthusiasm to apply our profession to health promotion industry, especially to make AI technology human & amiable.

“RINGOAL” which provides a total solution of health improvement, and makes the regular workout more interesting and personalize by collecting user’s training performance and having an AI system to analyze the data.One of the most interesting parts of RINGOAL is that it has collaborated with professionals in many different health fields, such as rehabilitation doctors, psychiatrists, physiological consultants, nutritionists, etc.

At present, hospitals, compound health science, and technology museum, nursing home, the fitness center have introduced our RINGOAL into their venues. Combining experts in the health field to develop business models such as shop-in-shop, shared space, or even franchise, so that everyone can tailor the most suitable health solution for themselves.

Key Features

● Platform of hardware, software, CRM, console and AI Health Advice Robot integrated
● Services: Circuit training, diet programs with healthy food, long-term track of health indexes, personalized AI advice and social network, etc.
● Programmable Training Course
● Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
● Dual Hydraulic Pull/ Push Resistance
● Cloud / APP Support
● Health Kiosk Connection

Hardware Intro 01

RINGOAL : 8 different type of training machine ( chest press/row, shoulder/lat pulldown, pectoral fly/rear deltoid, bicep/tricep, leg extension/leg curl, hip abduction/hip adduction, leg press, abdominal/back extension) Each machine can calculate the calories consumption of user, and also update the data toward user's WowGoHealth App account by Bluetooth.

AI Coach : AI Coach can be separated into 3 process AI testing> AI training> AI report.

Dynamic HR sport wristband : Keep track of each individual's HR and can upload the data towards the WowGoHealth App by using Bluetooth.

Hardware Intro 02

HCare3 : Smart health measurement kiosk, which allows user to measure their blood pressure, muscle mass, visceral fat rate, basal metabolic rate, heart rate, forehead temperature, and sympathetic nervous system. The data of every measurement can be upload to each individual's WowGoHealth App account by BlueTooth connection.

WowGoHealth App : The App can store each individual's data and analyze every measurement by applying AI365 to provide personalized advice for each individual. All AI programs are customized by experts & coaches.

AI 365 : AI365 which is an auto advice response robot can push advice to users immediately after the measurements.

Report Generated : Users can get a customized report includes suggestions from experts after measurements.

5 Major sofewares | Support 1
Training Programs by Experts

5 Major sofewares | Support 2
AI Coach Programmable Training Function

5 Major sofewares | Support 3
Direct Interactive Panel

5 Major sofewares | Support 4
Customer Relationship Management

5 Major sofewares | Support 5
Business Model: Class Mode

Business Model: Continuous Mode


Collaborated with us, you can ride the wave of anti-aging, healthy beauty and fitness in a SMART way.
HCare3: AI+ Smart Health Machine
RINGOAL : AI+ Smart Exercise Equipment
Dynamic HR Wristband: Dynamic HR Wristband