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Congratulation on an expansion of RINGOAL user (Longterm Care Center in Taichung)

RINGOAL Solution X Longterm Care Center

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RINGOAL Solution X Longterm Care Center

The longterm care center located in Taichung has always trying to provide their guest with the best service and the best healthcare facility. By introducing our RINGOAL solution into their venue, the longterm care center can keep on track of every individual guest's health status.

RINGOAL solution comes with 8 different types of training machines each focusing on different muscle groups. To maximize personalize training, RINGOAL solution is capable of suggesting various training programs with the correct resistance for each user. Every machine is supported by the AI database cloud, which provides data storage and data analyzing for each individual's workout performance. Therefore, the RINGOAL solution can be applied to many different outlets, not only the care center but also wellness center, nutrition studio, specialty clinics, and fitness Gym.

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