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Taiwan's Well-known TV Station Interview Golden Smart Home Technology: Intelligent Healthcare Lead to a Healthy Life

General Manager, Liu Fang-Cheng and his team have been dedicated themselves to health promotion industry

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Discovering that nowadays people often neglect their health because of busy life, General Manager, Liu Fang-Cheng and his team have been dedicated themselves to health promotion industry and develop capabilities of cloud service, to help the medical and health industry serve the public in a more effective way with big data analysis.

AI Robot + Smart Devices +Software System

''We currently apply AI Health Advice Robot to our Smart Health Station, HCare3. As long as the citizen measure his indexes in HCare3, his data will upload instantly to our cloud platform. Then AI Health Advice Robot will offer the responsive advice, and give him some exercise guidance or dietary suggestions.''

Secondly, we also have our smart devices. We have our own GMP factory to produce some wireless smart medical devices.

''Including our Smart Health Machine, Hcare3 I just mentioned, and some Smart Exercise Machines, such as Biofit E Series. Also, there are also some personalized devices. Such as our blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, body fat analyzer, infrared thermometer and mood translator (HRV device), etc.''

To encourage the healthy people to measure on a regular basis, We have developed an O2O incentivizing system, called "WOW Points.

''When a user measures his indexes, our system will give him WOW Points. Those points can be used in our APP shopping system to exchange some discounts. I expect this system can encourage both of healthy or suboptimal-health people to do their measurements often. Then these are the three essential elements connected within our platform.''

Personalized Training in Day Care Center

In Day Care Center, it's important for the elderly in both of muscle training and muscle maintenance. Our equipment is designed with AI Health Advice Push System so it can record the training status of the muscle strength of the elderly. It can also let the results analyzed by the AI to generate a program for the elderly step by step, to train his muscles. That is why the Day Care Center really likes such a device to take care of the elderly.

(This is an excerpt from the interview video)
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