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Health-care Box

Health-care Box (HcBox) is a mobile health monitoring system supported by the AI365 (Artificial Intelligence Health Advice Push System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, and WowGoHealth APP. Base on the high mobility design, HcBox allows users to measure and monitor their health status anytime and anywhere. Because of the CRM system support in this device, it allows the administrator to keep track of the user's health status.

This practice is strongly recommended for companies’ owners to keep track of employee's health status, since it offers the authority to administrator to give personal suggestions. Also, the AI365 system allows users to receive a instant health advice from doctors and professionals, which provides a comprehensive health monitoring system to the users.
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Multiple Login Settings: Guest, User Account, RFID, QR Code
Comprehensive Body Data Analysis: Provides user a comprehensive data index
Health Care Services: Data could be analyzed by doctors and professionals through CRM System
Convenient Data Storage: Data synchronized to our WowGoHealth App
Instant Advice: Artificial Intelligence Health Advice Push System (AI365)
Diversified Body Data: Weight, Body fat rate,Body water, Protein, Muscle mass, Bone mass, Basal metabolic rate, Visceral fat rating, Forehead temperature, Blood pressure, Heart rate, …, etc
Wellness Analyzer with 6 Indexes : Mind Fitness, Body Fitness, Mood Stability, Cumulative Stress, Sleep Quality, Sleep Deepness
Size: 390X370X198mm(W*L*H)
Weight:Approximately 9.5Kg

Touch Panel
Display size:8 inch
Power supply:100~240V, 0.45A, 50~60Hz

Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood pressure:SYS/DIA, Unit: mmHg (0~300mmHg)
Blood pressure accuracy:+-3mmHg
Pulse value:Unit bpm (40~199bpm)
Pulse value accuracy:+-5%
Power supply:6V, 4X AA alkaline batteries

Body Fat Analyzer
weight:unit: Kg, Maximum 150Kg
BMI:Unit 0.1%
Basal metabolism:Unit: 1 kcal/day
Body fat ratio:Unit: %, Range: 5%~80%
Muscle mass:Unit: Kg, Range: 25%~90%
Water ratio:Unit: %, Range: 25%~90%
Bone mineral mass:Unit:Kg, Range: 0.5Kg~10Kg
Visceral fat level:1.0~59.0 level, Unit 0.5 level
Protein:Unit: Kg, Division: 0.1Kg
Power supply:6V,4 x AAA alkaline batteries

Forehead:Unit : °C, Operating temperature range :10°C ~40°C
Power supply:3V, 2x AAA alkaline batteries

Sympathetic Index Meter
Sympathetic index:Mind Fitness/Body Fitness/Mood Stability/ Cumulative Stress/ Sleep Quality /Sleep Deepness
Power supply:DC 5V, 0.5A Charger

Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Blood glucose value:Unit :mg/dl or mmol/L
Power supply:3V, 2x AAA alkaline batteries

RFID Reader
RFID reader:Read 13.56MHz Mifare chip, NFC
Power supply:DC 5V, USB charger( another side is Micro-USB)
Safety/Quality Approvals
Wowgohealth Blood Glucose Monitoring System: TFDA No.005817
Wowgohealth Body Fat Analyzer: TFDA No.006115
Wowgohealth Blood Pressure Monitor: TFDA No.000649
Wowgohealth Infrared and Forehead Thermometer: TFDA No.000754