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Congrats! President Tsai Ing-Wen visited Grand Opening of RINGOAL Health Center in Tainan!

GSH RINGOAL at Taiwan Tainan city. Albert General manager and Taiwan Ms. President Tsai with GSH team.

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Ji-Yuan Education-industry Center in Tainan of NCTU campus has started on Aug, 14th. Golden Smart Home Technology Corp. is a company stationed in this center.

During the opening ceremony, we displayed our Smart exercise machine, AI Coach Robot, AI 365 Robot, and Smart medical devices to President Tsai, Tainan Mayor Huang, and also professionals from different fields.

Features of Smart exercise equipment are combined with analyzation of Big Data. On the panel, the user can see the exercise score calculated by comparing it with the user's age group. If he had better performance, he would get a higher score. Meanwhile, the system would generate a suggested resistance & speed value from Big Data to set a goal for the user to achieve.

The newly developed AI Coach is a robot which can offer personalized exercise solution to the user. It collects physical data (e.g. blood pressure, body composition, and status of the autonomic nerve) from Could medical devices and Hcare3; and physical dynamic data (e.g. instant resistance, instant speed, instant heart rate, etc.) from Smart exercise machine, then analyzed with the user's exercise goal (weight loss, muscle gain, sleep aid, for instance.) to produce a personalized setting to the user. For example, a man who is over 70, has a higher instant heart rate, and he doing exercise too fast. Our AI Coach would adjust the speed and resistance instantly to the equipment, by his personalized solution. In this way, we can send out a warning immediately to him, to decrease the danger.

Another displaying product is our AI365 robot. It can suggest physical examination by collecting physical data from Could medical devices. The contents of the suggestion could be edited by the customer. For instance, when the user gets the result of high blood pressure, the robot would suggest him/her go to a doctor, or to purchase the relative services and products.

Today, we have over 500 business partners, and 300,000 registered members from Taiwan, China, HK, Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia, in their weight loss center, clinic, daycare center, gym, company for caring the employees’ health, etc. In 2020, we have set 13 RINGOAL demonstrating center, and got 15 patents. What's more, we corporate with professionals from sleeping, weight loss, and exercise fields to make an education-industry plan. The professionals dedicated knowledge, then we carry these out to our Smart circulated exercise equipment. Therefore, we have various solutions, like muscle gaining of seniors, weight loss of women, and sleeping aid by relaxing muscles, etc.

For the future, we will corporate with professionals from the health field, to develop in a shop, share space, or business model, like the franchise to let customers use a complete set of system and equipment of RINGOAL. We wish to give the best health solution to all the people.

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