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Congratulations! our RINGOAL smart exercise machines have been installed in a sport center of New Taipei city

RINGOAL Smart Circuit Exercise x Muscle Gaining Program

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RINGOAL Smart Circuit Exercise x Muscle Gaining Program

Our RINGOAL has been installed in a sports center of New Taipei city, to promote senior exercise in a personal, digital, and technological way. We are supposed to slow down the loss of muscle and mental activity in elderly, and lighten the burden of elderly care.

According to the research, the senior population has reached 14% in 2018 of the population in Taiwan, and would be a super-aged society in 2025. Seniors should increase their muscle strength to protect joints effectively, and decrease the risks caused by fall over.
The course offers digital exercise equipment, which could track the mental status of before & after exercise, the effectiveness of exercise, and personalized solution to the elderly to maintain their health and slow aging.

After age 40, our thigh muscle power decreases 10-15% of every ten years, and increased to 25-40% when reached age 70. One of five seniors has sarcopenia, which might have a higher risk of fall over and loss of physical ability. Therefore, the cost of the elderly case would raise, their life durability would decrease. To solve these problems, we should have our muscles to do resistance training, and give personalized solutions to the elderly, depending on their physical fitness.

RINGOAL have a variety of exercise equipment correspond to different muscle, generate a specific course by analyzing the user’s physical ability, and give feedback instantly to work out in the most effective way. By doing this, users can get rid of the common diseases—muscle loss, arthritis, and backache, etc.

We hope RINGOAL can be seen in a variety of fields, as long as there has an elderly.

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