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Thanks to a sports center located in New Taipei City for introducing our GSH RINGOAL system!

RINGOAL x Sport Center

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RINGOAL x Sport Center

Thanks to a sports center located in New Taipei City for introducing GSH RINGOAL System (Total Solution to Smart Wellness Center) !

The sports center is focusing on promoting life-long exercising, improving the quality of physical education. The sports center has multiple programs and activities, such as swimming class, dancing class, yoga class, and hosting the sports events. With a well-qualified trainer teaching the members, it helps the members to reduce the sports injury and provide members more knowledge of the sports they are interested in.

By introducing the GSH RINGOAL system into the venue, the sports center has combined its service and classes with the system. Therefore, provide a personal program for the middle age and elder age members. We are interested to see how the member reacts to this innovative program.

The GSH RINGOAL (Total Solution to Smart Wellness Center) is mainly focusing on training the 8 major muscle groups of the body, by analyzing the user's physiological value, the system will set a training weight that is suitable for the users. Also, the RINGOAL (Total Solution to Smart Wellness Center) is connected with our AI365 (Auto Advice Response Robot) and HCare3 (Health Kiosk) system. Which the systems will collect user's body data and workout performance and generates online advice to the user. At the same time, the trainers will be able to look up the members' physiological data and meal plan in our CRM system (Back-end stage), to help the trainer to keep track of users' body management more conveniently.

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