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Congratulation on an official expansion of our HCare3 kiosk with the HK chain medical group branched health management center

HCare3 X Wellness center

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HCare3 X Wellness center

Following up on the multiple medical service trend, the HK chain medical group has introduced our HCare3 (Health Kiosk) into their venue to upgrade their medical facility and service.

HCare3 integrates blood pressure meter, infrared ear and forehead thermometer, mood translator and body fat analyzer all into one single machine. Therefore it allows user to measure their blood pressure, muscle mass, visceral fat rate, basal metabolic rate, heart rate, forehead temperature, and sympathetic nervous system. The data of every measurement can be upload into each individual's WowGoHealth App account by BlueTooth connection, which our WowGoHealth App has both AI365 (Artificial Intelligence Advice Push System) and CRM system, to analyze user's data and provide the best suggestion for the user. Both AI365 and CRM system plays a big role in the practice which improve the quality of the medical center.

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