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Congratulation!RINGOAL debutes reported by Economic Daily News!

RINGOAL, the latest brand of Golden Smart Home Technology Corporation

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RINGOAL, the latest brand of Golden Smart Home Technology Corporation, is cored on Smart Exercise Program, and integrated with AloT & a set of smart sport equipment. What’s more, it is personalized, which could make exercise more customizable, intellectual and much interesting.

President Ken Lu claimed that under support of AI &AloT , GSH (Goldon Smart Home Technology Corp.) would experience a transformation-from design to an intellectual & customizable company.

Albert Liu, the CEO of GSH, also noted company is the primary of a Cloud Platform, which offer total solutions of Internet & Body health improvement based on Big Data of health. The solutions including WowGoHealth Platform, AI365-Artificial Intelligence Health Advice Push System, O2O Incentive System, a set consisting of 8 smart sport equipment (Biofit), health station (HCare3)…etc.

Among these solutions, HCare3 and Biofit can collect sympathetic activity, and also dynamic physiological monitoring data. For instance, instant heart rate, resistance value, speed…etc.

In particular, GSH gather professionals from health fields, like rehabilitation doctor, psychiatry doctor, psychological counselor, nutritionist to put their knowledge in use, then practice in form of exercise solution. Such as muscle gain in elderly, weight cut in female, muscle relax, sleep help. GSH also provide solutions to other companies, and enhance efficiency of cycle exercise by add aerobic stretching gestures or doing by group.

Last, CEO Albert Liu mentioned about there are hospital, wellness center choosing GSH product in recent. GSH hopes to find more professionals in health field, develop in shop, share space, or in franchisee way, customize to give health total solutions to everyone.

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