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This product integrates with multiple intelligible measure functions, and it can do comprehensive body analysis. Besides, its data could upload to the Cloud, and synchronize to the user's smartphone. The user can check their body data instantly, follow their body status, and is conductive to prevent CVD (Cardiovascular Diseases). HCare3.0 is available to daycare center, examination clinics, weight control centers, gymnasiums, nursing homes, company labor welfare committees, etc.
● Focus on the user's convenience and comfort
● Not restricted by traffic and medical resources
● Four ways to Log in:Guest, User Account, RFID, QR Code
● Various of intelligible measure functions
● Comprehensive Analysis on user's body
● Diversified Body data : Arterial velocity pulse index(AVI), Arterial pressure volume index(API), Blood Pressure, Weight, Body Fat, Ratio, Water Ratio, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Forehead and Ear Temperature, Heart Rate, Positive and Negative Sympathetic Activity…, etc
● Wellness Analyzer with 12 Indexes : Mind Fitness, Body Fitness, Mood Stability, Stress Tension, Mind Fatigue, Body Fatigue, Cumulative Stress, Long Term Stress, Digestion Function, Sleep Quality, Dream Quality, Sleep Deepness
● Always check- Data synchronized to our WowGoHealth App.
● Could Backstage Management- The user's data would go to Could immediately, then analyze by the doctors and professionals, finally sent suggestions to the users.
Dimension : 100cm(L) x 85cm(W) x 130cm(H)
Weight : 115 Kg
Supported mobile OS : iOS
Bluetooth : BLE 4.0
Contents:iPad, Bluetooth Body Fat Analyzer, Bluetooth Blood Pressure Meter, Bluetooth Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer, Bluetooth Mood translator