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Heart Rate Smart Wristband GSH405-B6


Heart Rate Smart Wristband

LS405-B6 Heart Rate Smart Wristband is used for measuring the walking steps, distance and the consumed calories.
This device has bluetooth 4.0 technology, the user can set the time and unit etc. through the bluetooth, and then download the information to the Smart Wristband. The data in the Wristband also can be uploaded to the device which supports the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. So the user can check it at anytime.
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Main Features:
- RFID Watchband
- Support the Bluetooth 4.0 technology
- OLED display
- Keep a record of the measuring data during 7 days, keep a record
for every 5 minutes if there has some changes
- Display 1. Heart Rate
45-199 beats per minute, division 1 beat
1. Steps
0-120000 steps, division 1 step
2. Calories
0-120000 kcal, division 0.1 kcal
3. Distance
60 km
Dimension : 215mm x 20mm x 11mm
Weight : 20g
Power : USB, 5V/80mA
Water resistance : IP67
Operating system iOS / Android
Bluetooth : BLE 4.0
Safety/Quality Approvals