Golden Smart Home Technology Corp.

We are an ICT (Information Communication Technology) service integration company. We provide the self-management health platform including front-end physiological parameter gathering, social networking encouragement and back-end expert consultation. Our technology is composed of front-end smart phone APP which accepts users' physiological parameters from either bluetooth smart devices or manual input, and back-end cloud database where experts such as nutritionist can effectively feedback useful comments to users. We deliver this platform to companies such as fitness center, gymnasium and healthcare center to enable a bland new interactive service.

Body Fat Analyzer Supplier

Although the technology is improving, it's difficult to get an accurate body fat measurement from most commercially available Body Fat Analyzer. You can now find all these benefits in Body Fat Analyzer, easy to take along with you.


Body Fat Analyzer

GSH202 Body Fat Analyzer use BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)—by measuring the electrons in the water and muscle, to measure 9 kinds of different data of your body. Also, you can get an advice through AI365 immediately after the measurement on WowGoHealth app.

Besides, we provide the complete Health Management System by which you can create your own weight kit and record daily diet. What's more, our experts can give you personalized advices on the app.


Body Fat Analyzer

LS202-B can pair-up with your smartphone, the measurement data will be automatically transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can check on our APP—WowGoHealth.

*The symbol will disappear after successful data transmission, and you may check your personal health data stored in your smartphone.

Various types of Body Fat Analyzers — also called impedance meters — are available to the general public. Results from portable body fat analyzers can vary depending on many factors, however, including the quality of the device and how hydrated you are when the measurement is taken.