Golden Smart Home Technology Corp.

We are an ICT (Information Communication Technology) service integration company. We provide the self-management health platform including front-end physiological parameter gathering, social networking encouragement and back-end expert consultation. Our technology is composed of front-end smart phone APP which accepts users' physiological parameters from either bluetooth smart devices or manual input, and back-end cloud database where experts such as nutritionist can effectively feedback useful comments to users. We deliver this platform to companies such as fitness center, gymnasium and healthcare center to enable a bland new interactive service.

Blood Glucose Meter

Golden Smart Home Technology Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of Cloud Medical Devices, and is highly regarded for its quality products. Our company offers a range of Blood Glucose Meter that is high in quality at affordable prices. Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you are interested in our products.


Blood Glucose Meter

Get proven accurate measurements in 5 seconds. The blood glucose measurements will be automatically transmitted to your smartphone. You can share the data with doctors or dietitians to have personalized suggestion.

GSHBGM902 is the best choice for self-testing, monitoring and management of blood glucose.


Blood Glucose Meter

GSH Blood Glucose Monitoring System successfully pair-up with your smartphone, and the measurement data can be automatically transmitted to your smartphone. With our WowGoHealth app, you can check your data on your mobile anytime, anywhere. Also, you can get an advice through AI365 immediately after the measurement.

Use our product, give you a more effective health management experience!
At Golden Smart Home Technology Corp., we know Blood Glucose Meter and we’ve got the ranges and the prices to suit your needs. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for new products or new manufacturer for current products, we are willing to provide samples for you to test.